Beitrag: „A Corporate Learner in 2030“

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Beitrag: „A Corporate Learner in 2030“

Für das von Stefan Güldenberg, Ekkehard Ernst und Klaus North herausgegebene Werk „Managing Work in the Digital Economy. Challenges, Strategies and Practices for the Next Decade“ durfte ich einen kleinen Essay beisteuern. Hier das Abstract:

„In 2030, many companies will no longer run Learning & Development departments. Instead, the focus will be on the 4 C’s: Communities, Challenges, Curiosity, and Coaches. More self-responsibility for one’s own development, more involvement in communities and practical projects, and continuous feedback from superiors, peers, and experts. A short journey into the future gives first insights into their implementation.“

Robes J. (2021) Vignette: Communities, Challenges, Curiosity, and Coaches — A Corporate Learner in 2030. In: Güldenberg S., Ernst E., North K. (eds) Managing Work in the Digital Economy. Future of Business and Finance. Springer, Cham

Bildquelle: Markus Winkler (Unsplash)

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